Safe and sound in Nepal! First access to internet since arrival, so more to come soon, but here’s something for the moment.
“This is a deeply Buddhist country,” Isabelle, our academic director, told us in her proper English accent.  She casually breast fed her six-month-old daughter in what I would term a shock and assimilate orientation philosophy.

A few days later, rounding a bend in the road to Pharping[i], where we stayed in the Dakshin Kali Village Resort, I came face to face with a man in a motorcycle helmet urging a caterpillar onto the shoulder with a tattered plastic bag.  Taking the life of any living creatures is painstakingly avoided by many here.  He watched me defiantly, it seemed, through his tinted visor as I walked by.  I heard the sound of an engine starting behind me as I moved away from the rescue scene.

[i] Located at the Southwestern edge of the Kathmandu valley.