I can’t believe I never got around to posting these. I spent a good chunk of my 2012-2013 travels photographing animals who seemed to really believe they were people. One part photos of animals standing on things in entertaining ways; one part dogs being dogs, goats being goats, etc; these photos never fail to make me chuckle.

Something about this rooster standing on a motorcycle is so delightful. These roosters really want to go for a joy ride, but they can’t find their keys!

“I could have sworn I tucked them in here somewhere.” “Dammit Bob, it’s always something with you!”

Dogs are notorious for thinking they are people.

“Who? Me? I’m not a dog. Nope, no dogs here.”

This dog really wants to go to school, but they won’t let him in.

And this dog is still waiting for his meal to be served.
“Um, excuse me? I think you forgot something.”

This monkey may or may not think he is a person, but he knows he is pulling one over on that silly lion.

“I sit on your head, lion!”
And last but not least, my favorite travel photo, which I have definitely posted before, deserves to join this list: a goat riding a cow.
I hope you enjoy these moments of classic animal behavior as much as I do!