This blog post is slumped against the bathroom wall like a drunk sorority girl on Saturday night.
This blog post is camping out at the Madrid Barajas International Airport for the next 12 hours.
This blog post isn’t wearing any underwear.
This blog post is afraid of the rain… which is why this blog post is stuck at the only café in Terminal 1 where it is apparently forbidden to lie down.
This blog post was disappointed to discover that the only source of power in the entire Estacion Intermodal de Almeria resided in the women’s restroom.
This blog post ate digestives and coffee for breakfast at 6am, purchased with centimos.
This blog post will continue wearing these clothes (perhaps with a change of underwear) for another 24 hours, because this blog post is the virtual incarnation of honey badger.
This blog post brushes its teeth in public bathrooms.
This blog post is running out of free wifi, and, furthermore, is rather irritated by the lack of free wifi at airports worldwide.
This blog post is going to Kenya.
This blog post is the unglamorous side of travel: sleep-deprived, hemmed in by bad weather, and rough around the edges. But you know what? This blog post doesn’t mind.

…This blog post needs more water…

My most recent home: Murtas, Spain