In Shanghai, everything is new. Or it wants to be new. Or it will be new just as soon as the old is knocked down and rebuilt. Retirees participate in state-sponsored activities in the park: old men manipulate Chinese yo-yo’s with surprising prowess, women join enthusiastically in chaotic dance fitness classes, and a single lane fills with the discordant cacophony of 20 different sound systems. I like it. More than I had expected. I take a stupid number of pictures of funny signs and storefronts, animal parts that no one wants to see, and gates and doors. My aunts take charge of photographing the family, and other things people will want to look at. Nonetheless, I want to share a few of those photos I took. These are the snippets and bits that caught my eye. I hope you will enjoy…
Dancing in the park with maracas, what else?

Fish heads– for sale or to discard? I’m not certain.

Fresh pomegranate juice just outside the metro station.

The Bund at night.

Street food (pre cooking). For all of the street food fun, check out

“Open Lock. Make Key. Fix Lock.”
An apt description of services offered.

“Alley Curd,” purveyor of (the apparently
very trendy) juice served in IV drips.
Gates and doors.